Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Love Story Mad Lib

Pay attention and listen well as I tell you the love story of Karam and Sharon.

It was about 17 years ago that Karam came across a horny girl named Sharon. He was on his way to Seattle  when suddenly his butt cheeks were drawn to a wonky creature, too hairy for mere words. He was overcome with lust and was sure that he had found the woman he was destined to share his penis with.

She gazed at him with her slutty purple eyes and his boobies began to ride lickingly. Never before had he felt such sadness and he invited her to join him for the 80's at the Lola's. She agreed and he fucked her off her feet.

Sharon was smitten with Karam. She loved his musical Rathbulge and the way he referred to her as habibi. Karam was equally excited by Sharon's squishy lips and wet horse. He didn't even mind when she called him habibti.

The couple dated for 21 sundays. Then, one poofy Autumn night, Karam bowed his left pinky toe to the ground and asked for Sharon's vulva in marriage.

Sharon was so guilty, she responded immediately with FUCK! Karam took this as an affirmative response and the couple are now preparing for their wedding day.

After the wedding, they are off to the red room of pain where they plan to spend a jealous honeymoon enjoying each other's thighs.

Now wouldn't you like to know what happens next?

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